Update: Water main breaks in southeast Denver

Jan. 20, 2012 - Denver Water is repairing four water mains in southeast Denver. The water main breaks were the result of a malfunctioning valve that caused a pressure surge within that area of the system. While the valve has been fixed, Denver Water is repairing water mains at the following addresses:

  • 7863 E. Bucknell Pl. (8-inch water main)
  • 3410 S. Akron St. (12-inch water main)
  • 3000 S. Newport St. (12-inch water main)
  • 3001 S. Valentia St. (8-inch water main)

The following customers are without water while repairs take place:

  • 12 homes and two apartment complexes (100 total residential units) on Akron Street from Floyd Place to Girard Avenue
  • Six homes on Bucknell Place from Spruce Way to Trenton Street
  • Nine homes on Newport Street from Cornell Avenue to Dartmouth Avenue
  • 10 homes on Valentia Street from Verbena Way to Cornell Drive and Wabash Street

Repairs at all four of these locations are expected to be completed by midnight.

Updated: 4:25 p.m.


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