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Board Meeting Agenda: April 14, 2010 (Revised April 12, 2010)


Denver Water
Administration Building, Third Floor Board Room
1600 W. 12th Avenue
Denver, CO

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
9:15 a.m.

I. Call to Order

II. Minutes of the Last Regular Meeting

A. Minutes of Open Meeting

B. Minutes of Executive Session

III. Comments from the Public (on matters not on the agenda)

IV. Ceremonies and Introduction of Employees

V. Action Items

A. Consent Items*

  1. Human Resources Changes
  2. Employees Eligible for Regular Status
  3. Contracts Scheduled to Renew and/or Add Funding in the 2nd Quarter of 2010
  4. Arapahoe Community College, Irrigation Efficiency Demand-Side Management Agreement
  5. Lakewood City Commons, Irrigation Efficiency Demand-Side Management Agreement
  6. First Amendment to Agreement with Denver Public Schools, JeffCo Schools, and Sheridan Schools
  7. Authorization of Additional Funds for Fire Alarm Inspections/ Preventative Maintenance
  8. Authorization of Additional Funds for Pebble Quicklime and Hydrated Lime
  9. Authorization of Additional Funds for Network & Telephone Cabling Support
  10. Authorization of Additional Funds for Street Cleaning Services
  11. Tabulation of Bids for Hauling Services
  12. Tabulation of Bids for Mechanical Joint Ductile Iron Fittings
  13. Tabulation of Bids for Dry Barrel Fire Hydrants
  14. Purchase of Neptune Registers
  15. Tabulation of Bids for Butterfly Valves and Actuators
  16. Contract Extension with Wipro, Limited for Software Integration and Development Services
  17. Contract Extension with Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. for Software Development Services
  18. Contract Amendment for Purchase & Support Services of Microsoft Desktop and Infrastructure Software
  19. Tabulation of Bids – South Boulder Diversion Canal Access Bridge for Ralston Landslide Repair
  20. Third Amendment to Agreement with Wong Strauch Architects for Einfeldt Decentralization Station
  21. Agreement with SDG Incorporated for Feasibility Study for Replacement of Tanks at Hillcrest, Highlands and Ashland
  22. Tabulation of Bids – De-Ice Pad Vault Improvements at Denver International Airport
  23. Ratification of Construction Contract Change Orders and Amendments to Agreements

* The Consent Items category will be adopted or approved by one motion unless a Board member requests otherwise.

B. Policy Matters

  1. Revisions to Personnel Policy
  2. Resolution of the Denver Board of Water Commissioners Regarding Selection of a CEO/Manager

C. Water Service Matters

D. Finances

E. Contracts and Real Estate

  1. Amendment to Consulting Services Agreement with Stepwise Utility Advisors, LLC
  2. Intergovernmental Agreement with Northwest Lakewood Sanitation District
  3. Tabulation of Bids for Insert Lid for Recessed Meter Pit Lid
  4. Contract Amendment with Denver Regional Council Of Governments (DRCOG) for 2010 Orto-Photography Project
  5. Tabulation of Proposal — Provide Dredging Services for Removal of Sediment in Strontia Springs Reservoir
  6. Approval of Cafeteria Management Contract
  7. Contract with J. Kent Staffing, Inc. for Temporary Employee and Payroll Services
  8. Change Order No. 7 with Lillard & Clark Construction Co. for Conduit No. 12 and 18 — 48-inch and 54-inch Steele Pipe Relocation at the South Platte River

F. Miscellaneous Items

VI. Discussion and Information Items

A. Items from Board Members

B. Management Issues

  1. 2009 Audited Financial Statements
  2. Financing Terms of Cost Sharing Agreement with South Adams County Water and Sanitation District
  3. Business Points for Development of a Financing Agreement between Arvada and Denver Water for the Moffat Collection System Project
  4. East Cherry Hills Village Total Service Conversion Recalibrated Financing Terms
  5. Legislative Report

C. Water Supply & Demand

D. Citizens Advisory Committee Communications

E. Distributors Forum Communications

F. Standard Reports

  1. Status of Investment Portfolio
  2. Status of Contract Work
  3. Budget Status Report
  4. New Contract Summary

G. Scheduling of Future Board Meetings

  1. Study Session — April 28, 2010
  2. Regular Meeting — May 12, 2010

VII. Adjournment

VIII. Trustee Matters

IX. Executive Session

Board members may adjourn the regular meeting and move to an adjoining room for discussion in executive session on topics authorized by C.R.S. § 24-6-402 or D.R.M.C. § 2-34.

  1. Water Rights Discussion §24-6-402(4)(b)