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Board Meeting Agenda: Oct. 13, 2010


Denver Water
Administration Building, Third Floor Board Room
1600 W. 12th Avenue
Denver, CO

Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2010
9:00 a.m.

I. Call to Order

II. Minutes of the Last Regular Meeting

A. Minutes of Open Meeting

B. Minutes of Executive Session

III. Comments from the Public (on matters not on the agenda)

IV. Ceremonies and Introduction of Employees

  1. Denver Water Softball Team’s — 1st Place/Water For People Tournament

V. Action Items

A. Consent Items*

  1. Human Resources Changes
  2. Employees Eligible for Regular Status
  3. Contracts Scheduled to Renew and/or Add Funding for the 4th Quarter 2010
  4. Second Amendment to Agreement with ACCUTEST Laboratories
  5. Amendment to contract with United Rentals
  6. Resilient Seated Gate and Tapping Valves
  7. Cooperative Stream Gauging Program with the U.S. Geological Survey
  8. Tabulation of Bids for Tires, Tire Repair Service, Alignments and Repairs
  9. Contract Extension with Aellius Professional Research & Consulting, LLC for JDE System Technical Support
  10. Contract Extension with Sempra Professional Services, LLC for IT Business Analysis and Project Implementation Services
  11. Change Order No. 1 with BT Construction, Inc. to furnish and install Conduit No. 302 — 30-inch & 36-inch Diameter Recycled Water Pipeline
  12. Tabulation of Proposals — Foothills Water Treatment Plant Floc/Sed Basins Structural Repairs — Phase II
  13. Tabulation of Bids — Lakeridge Pump Station Standby Generator Addition
  14. Tabulation of Bids — Conduit Nos. 93 and 10 Groundbed and Rectifier Replacements
  15. Intergovernmental Agreement with the Colorado Department of Transportation for the Relocation and Improvement of Conduit No. 62 in Havana Street Crossing Cherry Creek
  16. Tabulation of Bids — Relocation of Conduit No. 30 at US Hwy 285 and Wadsworth Boulevard
  17. On-Call General Construction Management Services Contracts for Electric and I&C Inspection
  18. Ratification of Construction Contract Change Orders and Amendments to Agreements
  19. Amendment to Mediation/Facilitation Agreement with Bickerman Dispute Resolution, PLLC
  20. First Amendment to Contract with Pioneer Sand and Gravel to supply Natural Clay for Ralston Residuals Handling Facility

* The Consent Items category will be adopted or approved by one motion unless a Board member requests otherwise.

B. Policy Matters

  1. Change to Personnel Policies
  2. Annual Wage and Salary Survey Results

C. Water Service Matters

D. Finances

  1. Annual Review and Amendment of the Investment Policy for the WWF Portfolio

E. Contracts and Real Estate

  1. Contract with KPMG for Independent Audit Services for Years 2010 through 2014
  2. Agreement for Cloud Seeding Activities
  3. Intergovernmental Agreement with the City and County of Denver Broadway Reconstruction Phase II Wesley Avenue to Yale Avenue
  4. Intergovernmental Agreement Relocation of Conduit Nos. 30 and 109 and 12-inch Water Main for the City and County of Denver’s West Quincy Avenue Improvement Project
  5. Change Order No. 5 with Global Diving and Salvage, Inc. for the Cheesman Upstream Control Project — Phase I
  6. Fifth Amendment to Agreement with Bates Engineering for the Williams Fork Small Hydro/Outlet Works Project
  7. Task Order Agreement with CH2M Hill, Inc. for the Williams Fork Small Hydro/Outlet Works Project Construction Management Services Electrical and Instrumentation and Control Inspection

F. Miscellaneous Items

VI. Discussion and Information Items

A. Items from Board Members

B. Management Issues

  1. Series 2010B Master Resolution Water Revenue Bonds sale results
  2. 2011 Proposed Water Rates

C. Water Supply & Demand

  1. Long-Term Weather Forecast
  2. Water Supply and Demand Update

D. Citizens Advisory Committee Communications

E. Distributors Forum Communications

F. Standard Reports

  1. Status of Investment Portfolio
  2. Budget Status Report
  3. New Contract Summary

G. Scheduling of Future Board Meetings

  1. Study Session — October 27, 2010
  2. Regular Meeting — November 10, 2010
  3. Study Session — November 17, 2010

VII. Adjournment

VIII. Trustee Matters

IX. Executive Session

Board members may adjourn the regular meeting and move to an adjoining room for discussion in executive session on topics authorized by C.R.S. § 24-6-402 or D.R.M.C. § 2-34.

  1. External Audit