Save Money with Denver Water Rebates

Get rid of that old water-wasting device and replace it with something new. Every bathroom reading chair you replace with a slick WaterSense® model and every errant sprinkler head you replace with a straight-shooting rotary nozzle is one step closer to making Colorado a better place for us all.

We want to help you improve your property — and save water — by picking up part of the tab for a higher-efficiency model. Rebates are available to customers who receive a water bill from Denver Water or one of these Master Meter districts.

Thanks for outfitting your property with water-savvy devices.

  • Here's how it works:

    1. Purchase and install a product you are eligible to receive a rebate for.

    2. Within 90 days of purchase, fill out and submit the rebate application along with your receipt.

    a. Make sure your receipt clearly identifies the make and model of the product, as well as a paid status.

    Tip: If it is an option when purchasing your product, get an electronic copy of your receipt emailed to you. This will make applying online faster.

    3. Receive your rebate within 2–4 weeks of submittal.

  • What kind of property will get this water-saving boost of a rebate?
    • Residential (e.g., single family home, individual unit in a condo/townhome)
    • Commercial (e.g., apartment building, restaurant, office building, hotel, warehouse, etc.)

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