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Use Only What You Need: Thank you for not being “that guy”

UOWYN 2014: Matching CoupleDenver Water’s customers get it. You understand that you don’t need to water your lawn in the rain.

During 2014’s outdoor watering season, which runs from May through September, customers used 14 percent less water compared with recent years. And, while the metro area saw 4 more inches of precipitation than normal, many customers paid attention to the weather and didn’t water in the rain.

Taking it one step further, many customers refrained from watering after a rainstorm because they knew their lawns didn’t need the extra water.

In a typical summer, Denver Water expects to see at least 55 days with water use more than 300 million gallons. In 2014, we saw only 18 days over that benchmark.

Thanks to Mother Nature and the water-savvy ways of our customers, Denver Water’s reservoirs were 94 percent full in late October. This is important because we never know when the next dry period will come or how long it will last.

So thank you for not being that guy, the guy who waters in the rain and drowns his lawn needlessly.

Because in our dry climate, it’s always important to use only what you need.

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