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Thank you for Using Even Less

You've helped us through one strange summer

Use Even Less: dishwasherIf we learned anything from 2013, it’s that Colorado has some wacky weather. We started the year with reservoirs well below normal, and geared up for one of the worst droughts on record by pleading with customers to Use Even Less. In April, snowstorm after snowstorm boosted the snowpack levels in both of Denver Water’s watersheds to above 90 percent of the average peak.

Then, as part of our typical water cycle, reservoir levels decreased throughout the summer as customers used water during the irrigation season. Still, customers responded to our calls to Use Even Less by exceeding our goal of reducing water use 10 percent throughout the summer.

Then historic amounts of rain and flooding in September caused us to reach our peak storage for 2013 in September, something that typically happens in July — and has never occurred in September.

We never know how long the droughts will last or when the snow and rain will come. It’s important to keep up the momentum established this year using even less water, because drought or no drought, using water efficiently must be a way of life in our dry climate.

Thank you for using even less during this tumultuous weather year. Without your efforts, providing a secure water future is an exercise in futility.       

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