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Relining Pipes

During spring, summer and fall, as routine maintenance to ensure dependable water service, Denver Water periodically reconditions sections of our water system. Over time, pipes develop sediment and mineral deposits, such as rust and calcium. Periodic flushing of the mains removes most of this deposit, but eventually the pipes must be scoured, much like the hull of a ship.

The insides of main pipes are scraped to remove accumulated material, and then a thin coating of cement mortar lining is applied to protect the water main from corrosion.

Reconditioning of the pipes maintains the delivery of water to homes and businesses, and supports essential fire protection. The process improves water flow, ensures high water quality, and increases the life of the pipe.

Cast-iron pipe after it has been rehabilitated with cement mortar lining; cast-iron pipe before it has been rehabilitated. Residents and businesses in affected areas will be provided with a temporary water supply when their main is being worked on, because the water main must be taken out of service for the cleaning and lining process.

If you live or travel in the area where work is in progress, you'll notice a number of openings in the street to allow access to the water main and to accommodate the bypass pipelines running across the intersections and driveways.

Work areas will be barricaded and carefully marked to guard against accidents. Openings will be covered and resurfaced as soon as possible after the project is finished.

Excuse our dust, please

We realize cleaning water mains may cause some inconvenience for those people who live and work in the area. Denver Water works closely with local officials and police departments to minimize traffic disruptions, and we will do our best to see that the construction goes smoothly. You may notice water in the streets. To ensure good water quality, large amounts of water will be used to flush the pipeline during the lining process. The flushing is necessary to ensure good water quality once the relined water main is placed back in use.

If you have questions about the mortar lining project, please call 303-628-6320.