Denver Water’s Operations Complex Redevelopment Project

Denver Water’s Operations Complex at 1600 W. 12th Ave. in Denver is in the midst of a redevelopment project to provide a more efficient, publicly accessible and sustainable headquarters. Our Operations Complex includes equipment shops, fleet maintenance, warehouses, trade buildings and space for pipe and materials storage on 34.6 acres. The site is also home to Denver Water’s Administration Building that houses 600 employees. Water utility operations have been located on this site since 1881.

Background and reasons for redevelopment

The buildings on our Operations Complex site are outdated, inefficient and inadequate to support the future demands of providing water service to our community. Buildings are on average 55 years old, and most facilities cannot accommodate future growth plans or current work demands. Most buildings require safety and fire code upgrades.

The goal is to build a modern site that improves the efficiency, functionality, security and safety of all operations. In most cases, it is more cost-effective to rebuild than to renovate existing buildings. The new layout will improve traffic flow and take advantage of matching functions with building adjacencies.

As a prominent water resource manager in the West, Denver Water will lead the way to the future through environmental stewardship by creating an efficient, resilient Operations Complex. Sustainability is a key factor, as the complex has been designed to incorporate LEED certification, educational demonstrations of net zero energy and leading-edge concepts around the management of all water sources. The redeveloped complex will feature educational components about water and its efficient use.

Project schedule

The first phase of construction began in 2016 with a focus on the operational facilities on the campus. The second phase will begin in summer 2017 and will focus on the administration building and parking garage. Construction is expected to be complete in late 2019.

Questions about the project

  • How will public access to Denver Water be enhanced?

    Denver Water’s Operations Complex is located in a light industrial area bordered by railways on the east and west, 12th Avenue to the north and the 8th Avenue viaduct on the south. We are moving and expanding the publicly accessible portions of the complex to 12th Avenue, making Denver Water easier to find and more accessible for visitors. Doing so also enhances our connection to public transit. The new facilities will include public meeting rooms, parking that will connect to the 13th Avenue corridor and a public education program that demonstrates water and energy efficiencies designed into this sustainable project. This will also better integrate Denver Water with revitalization projects in the La Alma/Lincoln Park and Sun Valley neighborhoods.

  • How will the construction project impact public access to the Operations Complex?

    During construction, customers can still access the site via Osage Street from the south and 12th Avenue from the north, however because of construction we encourage customers to try to handle their business off-site — either online or over the phone — when possible.

    Denver Water offers its customers several alternatives to paying in person. Customers can opt for auto pay, e-bill, Web pay, text payment, pay by phone, pay in person (cash payments or PIN-based debit cards to be used at most Denver-metro area Western Union locations). See more details about payment options.

    Need to purchase a tap?
    Denver Water customers that wish to purchase a tap from Denver Water may do so online.

    Need to submit project plans for review by Denver Water staff?
    Plans can be submitted for review online.

    In the event your business must be handled on-site, parking will be extremely limited and the surrounding roads will be subject to temporary closures due to construction issues. Visitor parking will be available near the existing Administration Building on a limited basis. There will be additional parking in the lot immediately south of the administration building or across Osage Street in a paved lot. There are signs directing drivers to visitors parking.

  • Who is helping Denver Water with this project?

    Mortenson serves as the general contractor on the project. RNL Design is the architect for the project. Trammel Crow serves as the project’s owner representative, implementing design and construction plans, as well as managing all designers and contractors for Denver Water.

    The design and construction contracts have specific Minority and Women Business Enterprise goals and are part of Denver Water’s Supplier Diversity Program seeking to provide small businesses and businesses owned by minorities and women an opportunity to work for Denver Water as designers, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers. Contact the supplier diversity advocate, Laurie Billeter, at 303-628-6771 or