Directions to Denver Water’s Administration Building

Denver Water Administration Building
1600 W. 12th Ave.
Denver, CO 80204-3412
Open weekdays: 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Our administration building is accessible by the No. 33 bus and by light rail at the 10th and Osage Station.

Denver Water’s Operations Complex Redevelopment Project

Construction has started on Denver’ Water’s Operations Complex Redevelopment project. While customers can still access the site via Osage Street from the south and 12th Avenue from the north, Denver Water encourages customers to try to handle their business off-site — either online or over the phone. Denver Water offers its customers several alternatives to paying in person. Customers can opt for auto pay, e-bill, web pay, text payment, pay by phone, pay in person (cash payments or PIN-based debit cards to be used at most Denver-metro area Western Union locations). See more details about payment options.

Need to purchase a tap?
Denver Water customers that wish to purchase a tap from Denver Water may do so online.

Need to submit project plans for review by Denver Water staff?
Plans can be submitted for review online.

In the event your business must be handled on-site, parking will be extremely limited and the surrounding roads will be subject to temporary closures due to construction issues. Visitor parking will be available near the existing Administration Building on an extremely limited basis. There will be additional parking in the lot immediately south of the administration building or across Osage Street in a paved lot.

If you are visiting July 18 – 29 please be advised that construction activities on the north end of Seminole Road, off the W. 12th Ave. entrance, may slow your arrival and departure. We encourage visitors to use the south Osage Street entrance. For reference, see the general directions coming from the south, east and west.

General directions from north metro area

  1. Take Interstate 25 south
  2. Exit right at #210A/Colfax Avenue 
  3. Turn left (east) onto Colfax Avenue 
  4. Turn right (south) onto Osage Street 
  5. Turn right (west) onto West 13th Avenue 
  6. Turn left (south) onto Quivas Street 
  7. Turn right (west) onto West 12th Avenue 
  8. Turn left at the Denver Water entrance


General directions from south metro area

  1. Take Interstate 25 north
  2. Exit right at #209A/Sixth Avenue East
  3. Stay in lane and take off ramp to Osage Street exit
  4. At the three-way stop at the end of the ramp, turn left (east)
  5. Turn left (north) at the first stop sign onto Seminole Street
  6. Follow Seminole Street north to the Denver Water entrance



General directions from east metro area

  1. From West Eighth Avenue
  2. Turn left (south) onto North Kalamath Street 
  3. Exit right (west) onto West Sixth Avenue 
  4. Turn right at the Osage Street ramp just before Interstate 25 
  5. Turn left (north) at stop sign onto Seminole Street 
  6. Follow Seminole Street north to the Denver Water entrance 


General directions from west metro area

  1. Take Sixth Avenue east past Interstate 25
  2. Exit right onto the Osage Street exit 
  3. At the three-way stop at the end of the ramp, turn left (east) 
  4. Turn left (north) at stop sign onto Seminole Street 
  5. Follow Seminole Street north to the Denver Water entrance