Recycled Water

Water is a precious resource here in the West, much too precious to use just once. That’s why Denver Water started a program to treat and recycle wastewater. Once build-out is complete, the project will supply more than five billion gallons of recycled water every year — water for irrigation, for industrial use, for lakes in our parks and for golf courses — water we don’t have to take from a reservoir.

For more information

Contact Damian Higham at 303-628-6537.

Video about Water Reuse
This video, produced by the WateReuse Association, shows how water reuse is the key to a sustainable future.

Sustainable Solutions for a Thirsty Planet
This website, created by the WateReuse Association, is a great resource for the general public to learn more about the benefits of water reuse and desalination.

Worth a Look
PDF document Solutions magazine, published in 2011, outlines Denver Water’s diverse plan to meet future needs: conserve, recycle, supply.