Lead Service Lines

Property owners are responsible for service lines, but Denver Water supports the recommendations by the American Water Works Association and the National Drinking Water Advisory Council that utilities should create plans for removal of all lead service lines within their systems, with a shared responsibility between regulatory agencies; federal, state and local governments; utilities and customers.

We are working with other agencies to develop a long-term program to remove lead service lines. In the interim, when Denver Water encounters a lead service line in the course of certain planned construction projects (such as pipe replacement), we will replace that line entirely with copper. We also provide PDF document post-replacement instructions and assistance to help protect residents.

Regardless of construction activity, if you are concerned about lead you can request a water quality test for lead from Denver Water. You can also hire an experienced, licensed plumber to test whether your service line is made of lead. If it is, we strongly encourage you to have it replaced. Homes built before 1951 are more likely to contain lead service lines.

Through a partnership between Denver Water and Denver Urban Renewal Authority (DURA), owners of single-family homes or duplexes with verified lead service lines may be eligible for a no- to low-interest loan to replace their lines with copper. For details, contact DURA at 303-534-3872.