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Water-Efficiency Services

Denver Water is dedicated to helping all of our customers become as water efficient as possible. If you are interested in learning how your property could be more efficient, or if you have concerns about your current water use, please see our service offerings. A Denver Water conservation expert will contact you to discuss your property and free services we can offer.

Types of Services

We may offer one or both of the following services to help you reach your goals:

Indoor audit: multifamily residential

Led by the customer’s property representative, our conservation technicians will enter every unit for about 3 to 5 minutes. Some properties have chosen to perform their standard inspections at the same time, thereby decreasing the disturbance to the residents (e.g., furnace filter replacements, smoke detector checks, energy-efficient lighting improvements). Our technicians can typically complete 100 units per day.

An audit includes:

  • Free showerhead replacement.
  • Free faucet aerator replacement (kitchen and bath).
  • Inventory of leaks and summary of potential savings if retrofits are made.
  • Historical water consumption information.
  • Rebate information.

Complete the application and Denver Water staff will contact you if you’re a fit for an audit.

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Water budget

Denver Water’s Water Budget Program provides large properties with outdoor consumption history and compares consumption to the amount of water their landscapes actually need. This program is recommended for customers with more than 1 acre of irrigable land and stable property and irrigation management. Smaller properties requiring less irrigation can still learn more about efficient water use through a consultation.

Like a financial budget, a water budget helps customers make the most of resources they have. Water budgets:

  • Identify all the meters on your property.
  • Identify the amount of irrigated area.
  • Improve irrigation management in our dry climate.
  • Maintain a healthy landscape.
  • Compare your actual water consumption to a target water budget.
  • Show overuse and help reduce water bills.

During the 2013 drought, this program helped customers save more than 4 million gallons of water.

Complete the application and Denver Water staff will contact you to discuss whether your property is a fit for the program.

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