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Professional Services Request for Proposal: Williams Fork Reservoir Hydroelectric Project - FERC Part 12D Comprehensive Assessment

Denver Water owns and operates the Williams Fork Reservoir Hydroelectric Project – FERC No. P-2204 (Williams Fork Project). The Williams Fork Project is licensed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and is also regulated by the Colorado State Engineer’s Office (SEO). FERC’s Division of Dam Safety and Inspections is requiring that Denver Water perform a Comprehensive Assessment (CA) in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations Title 18, Part 12, Subpart D (Part 12D) by October 1, 2023. Denver Water is inviting your firm to submit a proposal to provide services to perform a CA, including the following roles: Independent Consultants(s) (IC), IC Team, and facilitator for the Potential Failure Modes Analysis (PFMA) and Level 2 Risk Analysis (L2RA).

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