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Notice regarding planned water outages

May 11, 2020

This is an update on how Denver Water will be handling planned water outages during COVID-19 and how this may impact your project.

During this time when water service is particularly critical for health and safety, Denver Water is attempting to limit planned water outages. Projects impacted may include Denver Water’s crews, contractor or developer-driven projects.

We understand that there may be ways to continue construction projects while implementing alternatives to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers and the community. We anticipate all safe alternatives will require enhanced communication and coordination between both the contractor and Denver Water and the affected customers. If you believe you can safely continue your proposed project outage by taking steps such as: minimizing the number of people and the amount of time customers would be without water; using wet taps; conducting work at night; or providing bottled water or sanitary services for impacted customers, please contact your Denver Water project representative to discuss. If you are unsure of your designated project representative, please call 303-628-6100 or email [email protected].

The scenarios that may apply to your project are outlined below.

  1. Project under review or approved, but not yet started. All projects requiring water outages for water line construction may be delayed for as much as 90 days, unless safe alternatives can be identified. We ask you to coordinate with your Denver Water Plan Review Coordinator with any questions.
  2. Projects under construction. Projects currently under construction will be completed as much as possible up until the point of needing a water outage to complete the tie-in, unless safe alternatives can be identified. We ask that you coordinate with your Inspector to discuss the necessity of any proposed outage, and the corresponding mitigation for the safety of our affected customers.
  3. Outages required for new or replacement taps on PVC mains. Taps on PVC mains may be scheduled for installation when an expected water outage will be less than one hour in length and it does not impact any critical care, essential facilities or multi-family units. Taps involving these scenarios may be delayed and require additional planning and communication. Contractors should continue to notify customers of an expected outage and, at a minimum, have bottled water available on site for affected customers.   

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during these challenging times. We are working daily with public health partners to continue monitoring the situation. We will do everything necessary to fulfill our responsibility to deliver clean, safe and reliable water to our 1.5 million customers.


Denver Water
Sales Administration