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April’s bill shows your 2019 first tier water use

The first tier in Denver Water’s rate structure is focused on indoor water use. We calculate this essential  indoor water use by averaging your monthly water consumption as shown on your bills dated January, February and March.

The result is your average winter consumption. It is recalculated each year. Your 2019 average winter consumption can be found in the “Water Charges” section of your monthly bill starting this month.

The amount of water you use up to your average winter consumption is charged at the lowest rate, shown as Tier 1 on your water bill.

The minimum Tier 1 average winter consumption is 5,000 gallons and the maximum is 15,000 gallons. If the Tier 1 level on your bill is set at the minimum level and you use less than 5,000 gallons in a month, you will only be charged for the actual amount you use.

Is your indoor water use efficient?

Denver Water experts consider 40 gallons per person per day to be efficient indoor water use.

5 people = 6,100 gallons per month
4 people = 4,880 gallons per month
3 people = 3,660 gallons per month
2 people = 2,440 gallons per month