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Did you know?

Denver Water’s water collection and delivery system spans 4,000 square miles of watershed in the mountains and 335 square miles of service territory in Denver and surrounding suburbs.

This single system has many partners working together to deliver clean, safe, great-tasting water. Fifty percent of the 1.5 million people who rely on Denver Water are served through partnerships with 63 distributors outside the city of Denver.

Denver Water’s partners include three kinds of distributors:

29 Total Service districts

Total Service districts, such as those serving Cherry Hills Village and parts of Littleton, receive full service from Denver Water, including customer service, billing and infrastructure maintenance, just like customers inside the Denver city limits.

23 Master Meter districts

Master Meter districts, such as those serving the Ken-Caryl Ranch and Green Mountain areas, buy water from Denver Water on a wholesale basis. The district is responsible for customer service, billing and infrastructure maintenance.

11 Read and Bill districts

Read and Bill districts, such as Southgate, which serves customers in the southeast part of the metro area, and Bear Creek, which serves part of Lakewood, have a hybrid approach to water service. Denver Water reads the meter and sends a bill to the district’s customers. The district is responsible for operating and maintaining the infrastructure, such as distribution pipes.

One of the benefits of these partnerships is that Denver Water is responsible for all water quality testing for itself and the 63 distributors, as well as reporting the results of those tests to state health officials.