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What we do to ensure the water keeps flowing

Denver Water’s core mission is ensuring a clean, safe and reliable supply of water for the 1.5 million people who rely on us daily.

Our employees are on the job 24/7/365 managing the many steps involved in collecting, cleaning and delivering the water to you, our customers.

Here’s just some of what’s involved in managing our system.

Collection: Snowmelt from Colorado’s high country is the primary source of Denver’s water. Our collection system spans 4,000 square miles of watershed in eight counties.

Our From Forests to Faucets partnership focuses on helping the watershed stay healthy, and we have on-site employees who oversee the operation of our dams and reservoirs.

Treatment: Denver Water has three drinking water treatment plants that clean the water before it is delivered to our customers. Filters remove debris and particles, and disinfectant is added to protect against any bacteria, viruses or other microbes that might remain.

Our teams follow drinking water regulations established by state and federal health officials designed to stop waterborne pathogens from contaminating drinking water, including a virus like COVID-19.

Distribution: The distribution system has more than 3,000 miles of pipe, the main delivery pipes buried under the street. That’s enough pipe to stretch from Los Angeles to New York if laid end to end. Our people are at work daily repairing and upgrading our infrastructure.

And each year, Denver Water collects more than 35,000 samples and conducts nearly 70,000 water quality tests throughout the entire system, including watersheds and distribution, to ensure the water we send to your home or business is safe.

Denver Water Employees
From Colorado’s high country to our water quality laboratory to the city’s streets, we’re at work every day to ensure a safe, reliable water supply for the Denver metro area. Photo credit: Denver Water.