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Classroom Presentations

Would you like for your students to learn more about our water system, its history, where the water comes from and how we treat it, the latest in conservation efforts and what we are doing to ensure future supplies?

Request a classroom presentation and we’ll send an expert to your school — free of charge.

Our Role in the Water Cycle (Grades 3-5)

Nature has a water cycle, and so does our community. By participating in a guided drawing and diagramming exercise, students will understand Denver’s urban water cycle and its direct reliance on nature’s water cycle. Also, by understanding Denver Water’s role in providing safe, reliable, great tasting drinking water — and their own roles in using this resource wisely — students will develop a deeper and more practical understanding of water from source to tap.

How Do We Treat Our Water? (Grades 6-12)

Earth does a good job of naturally treating its water, but communities need to take additional steps to ensure water is safe to drink. This presentation will walk students through the various steps of the potable or recycled water treatment process and demonstrate the process using an in-class replication.

The Journey of Denver’s Water (Grades 6-12)

Where does our drinking water come from? What does it take to turn surface runoff pulled from the natural water cycle into some of the best tasting water in the nation? Learn about the necessary collection, treatment and distribution steps as you follow the journey of Denver’s water from snowfields high in the magnificent Rocky Mountains down to the Front Range.

The Incredible Journey (Grades 1-6)

This interactive program will have students assuming the role of a water molecule going through phase changes as it moves through the natural water cycle and around the Earth. Students will “record” their journeys in a way that will reinforce their understanding of the water cycle and make this experience more memorable for them.

How Do We Get Out the Yuck? (Grades 1-6)

What does it take to make sure our water is safe, clean, and tastes great? The first thing we have to do is get out all the yucky stuff. This highly interactive lesson demonstrates that some substances can be very difficult to remove, and that one of the best ways to keep our water safe is to be very careful about what gets in it.

Other (Grades 1–12)

Do you have a special topic related to the water industry on which you would like our team to focus a presentation for your students? Not a problem. In fact, we often customize our material in order to align our presentation as closely as possible with the material a teacher has been presenting in the classroom. Just use the text box in our online form to give us an idea of what you want, and we’ll contact you to discuss your ideas in more detail.

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