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Classroom Presentations

Would you like for your students to learn more about our water system, its history, where the water comes from and how we treat it, the latest in conservation efforts and what we are doing to ensure future supplies?

Request a classroom presentation and we’ll send an expert to your school — free of charge.

The Incredible Journey (Grades 3-5)

(Minimum time needed: 50 minutes) Students become a water molecule moving through the natural water cycle and around the Earth. On their journey, they “record” their individual paths to reinforce their understanding of the water cycle and make this experience more memorable. Depending on grade level, the presentation can emphasize elements of the water cycle or phase shifts of the water molecule.

How Do We Get Out the Yuck? (Grades K-4)

(Minimum time needed: 55 minutes) What does it take to ensure our water is safe, clean, and tastes great? Students explore the concept of a watershed and the contaminants that can get into water during collection. Then students use simple tools to attempt to remove them. The lesson ends with a demonstration of how utilities use similar processes to treat water to potable standards.

Our Role in the Water Cycle (Grades 3-5)

(Minimum time needed: 50 minutes) Nature has a water cycle, and so does our community. Through guided drawing, students will understand Denver’s urban water cycle and its direct reliance on nature’s water cycle. By understanding Denver Water’s role in providing great tasting potable water, students develop a deeper and more practical understanding of how H2O moves from the natural environment to the urban and back again.

Source to Tap: The Journey of Denver’s Water (Grades 6-12)

(Minimum time needed: 50 minutes) Where does our water come from and how does Denver Water make it safe to drink? Students uncover the process of getting water from mountain watersheds to our community, and how natural and human-caused contaminants enter it along its journey. Next students explore options for removing those contaminants and view a demonstration of the process Denver Water uses. Depending on the grade level, the lesson expands to include the chemistry and physics of the process.

How Do We Treat Our Water? (Grades 6-12)

Earth does a good job of naturally treating its water, but communities need to take additional steps to ensure water is safe to drink. This presentation will walk students through the various steps of the potable or recycled water treatment process and demonstrate the process using an in-class replication.

Build a Filter (Grades 5-12)

(Minimum time needed: 50 minutes) How do we make water safe to drink? Students will explore the potable water treatment process by designing and building their own filters using a variety of materials. Depending on the grade level of the students, they will also factor into their design cost, durability and water loss.

Other (Grades 1–12)

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Don’t worry. Denver Water can often customize a presentation to better tie it to your specific needs. Use the text box on the online form to explain what you want, and we’ll contact you to discuss possible options.

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