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Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention stops the flow of any foreign liquids, gases or substances from entering into the pipelines of a potable water supply. Meter and backflow prevention assemblies are the property of the customer; therefore, it is the responsibility of the customer to keep the meter or backflow prevention assemblies in compliance with Denver Water’s Engineering Standards and Operating Rules.

Denver Water notifies customers on an annual basis when the backflow prevention assembly needs to be tested. The customer has the option of letting Denver Water hire a contractor to test and repair their assemblies or hiring a contractor on his or her own. Denver Water works with qualified contractor to conduct the test. The fee for standard testing and repairs is up to $150. Denver Water will notify the customer under special circumstances which require additional work in which the cost of services exceeds $150. The customer will be responsible for finalizing the total fee.

Fee per assembly: $150

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