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Denver brewery helping Denver Water celebrate a milestone

Brewer at Declaration Brewery
A brewer at Declaration Brewery checks on the purified water that was used to make a special craft beer to celebrate Denver Water’s 100th anniversary.

Times change. Cities grow. And the need for water continues to increase. Denver Water has seen a lot of that in its first 100 years of operation.

But some things never change, like people’s love of beer.

This year, Denver Water has melded the past with the future, combining that time-tested, beer-loving tradition with a cutting-edge project at our Recycling Plant. We partnered with Declaration Brewery to create a special beer to commemorate our 100th anniversary, a beer brewed using a unique water reuse process.

The water came from the PureWater Colorado Demonstration Project — an advanced water purification system that had been on display at the Recycling Plant to provide a way to reuse water for drinking.

The demonstration project took water that had been used in homes and gone through the cleaning process at Metro Wastewater. The advanced technology at the PureWater project then purified the water so it would be safe to drink.

Declaration is a Certifiably Green Denver brewery and has worked with Denver Water in the past on efficient use of water. The special edition beer – Centurion Pilsner, which is light in color to highlight the purity of the water — is now available on tap at Declaration Brewing’s Preamble Tap Room. It will be available in cans later this summer at local liquor stores and restaurants.

Proceeds from the beer will be donated to educational scholarships and endowments that support careers in the water industry.

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