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Getting the lead out

Denver Water crews have been replacing lead service lines that are found during the course of construction or maintenance work. Photo credit: Denver Water.

State and federal health officials have given Denver Water the go-ahead to fast-track the removal of lead service lines in our service area.

In December 2019, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment signed off on Denver Water’s proposal to launch its Lead Reduction Program.

This unprecedented program puts Denver Water at the forefront of protecting public health. No other utility in the nation is taking this proactive and voluntary approach.

The water we deliver to 1.5 million people in the city and surrounding suburbs is lead-free. The program will reduce the likelihood of lead getting into the drinking water as it passes through lead-containing household plumbing and service lines that are owned by the customer.

The program, which will take 15 years to complete, will remove and replace lead service lines at no charge to the customer. Customers who have or are suspected of having a lead service line will receive a free water filter certified to remove lead, and replacement cartridges, until six months after their line is replaced.

And, in March 2020, we will raise the pH level of the water to reduce the risk of lead getting into drinking water as it passes through lead-containing pipes and household plumbing.

Nothing is more important than protecting the health of our customers, especially children. This program will save generations of children from potential lead exposure through drinking water.