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Lead Reduction Program update

Last year at this time, Denver Water was launching its groundbreaking Lead Reduction Program, which will reduce the risk of lead getting into drinking water for customers with service lines or plumbing that contain lead.

The first year of the program was successful, despite the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This success is truly possible because of the support from our customers for this important public health program. It will protect our family, friends and neighbors across our community now and for generations to come.

The first year, by the numbers:

About 4,500: The number of customer-owned lead water service lines replaced, at no direct charge, with lead-free copper lines during 2020.

More than 100,000: The number of water pitchers and filters certified to remove lead distributed to customers enrolled in the program. If you received one, use it for drinking, cooking and preparing infant formula until six months after your lead service line is replaced.

More than 13,000: The number of people who attended our virtual meetings about the program or connected through our partner organizations. This includes iNOW and CREA Results, who worked to eliminate additional cultural barriers and connect with communities that speak other languages.

≥ 8.5: The higher pH level of the water Denver Water delivers to customers to strengthen an existing protective coating in customer-owned service lines, household plumbing and fixtures, reducing the potential for lead to get into drinking water.

It will take until 2035 to replace the estimated 64,000 to 84,000 lead service lines in our service area. Information about the neighborhoods targeted for 2021 replacement work is available at Pipe Replacement and Lead Reduction Program Work Areas.