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Hillcrest Storage Tank Replacement

Durable design, less susceptibility to leaks

To maintain safety at the Hillcrest water storage facility and improve its reliability, Denver Water is making major upgrades through work estimated to run through 2021.

hillcrest tank replacement

Tale of 3 Tanks

45 million

gallons total water storage


cubic yards of concrete per tank foundation


foundation's diameter in feet

Why it’s important

Denver Water developed the Hillcrest water storage facility in the early 1960s to replace several small, temporary pumping stations and improve the ability to reliably serve the burgeoning population of southeast Denver. Since then, the area’s population has continued to grow, placing increasing demand on the storage and pumping facilities on top of the wear and tear expected to come with age.

The major upgrades this project brings to the Hillcrest facility are an important part of Denver Water’s plan for continued reliable water service to the southeast Denver area.

How it affects our customers

We have made some great progress on-site over the past couple weeks. Please see the updates below as a reminder for what to expect over the next couple months, including concrete placements this fall. 

Construction update: June 19, 2020

Work activities at Hillcrest site

The heavy equipment work, back fill of the tanks and earth moving will be completed midfall 2020. Unfortunately, because of project interruptions and Coronavirus we had some delays this past spring, but we are back to normal operations and have significantly increased work pace in the last month.

  • Stockpiles and Heavy Earthwork: The northwest stockpile is almost gone, and we continue to work on relocating the southern pile to the east side of the site near I-25. The southern stockpile will be moved to the back on the site by the end of July. 
  • Fencing: Permanent fencing is currently being constructed along Happy Canyon Road and is expected to be completed by the end of July. As panels of the fence are erected, we will be replacing the blue mesh covers again to mitigate dust from the site.
  • Potholes: We are in the process of acquiring permits to have the potholes in Happy Canyon Drive repaired, and expect to begin work in the next three to four weeks. Pothole repair should take a day or two and will entail some minor traffic impacts. 
  • West Access Road:  The construction of the new West access gate will begin Monday, June 22, and should take approximately two weeks to complete. Flaggers will coordinate pedestrian, bike, and car traffic for the duration of the work. The Northbound lanes will be closed, and flaggers will allow alternating use of the southbound lanes by traffic going in both directions.
  • Landscaping: Due to the ending of the spring planting season June 15 and the unfortunate time we went through with Coronavirus delays, landscaping restoration will now be completed this Fall planting season. 
  • New facility roads: We will begin to pave new facility roads and parking lots inside the facility grounds in July. We estimate the work will be completed by Fall. 

The photo of the site below shows the enormous size of the project and the vast amount of work that is being done.

Hillcrest worksite

Dust Mitigation
The heavy dust is anticipated to decrease as the semitruck deliveries of backfill dirt for the tanks is complete. That said, there are many areas around the site where earthwork is going on. We have multiple water trucks on-site spraying roadways and anywhere work that creates dust is going on. Additionally, we pay extra attention to wetting the sections along Happy Canyon Road and the back of homes along South Hillcrest Drive.
We continue to sweep the street on Happy Canyon Road three times a week and will continue to sweep on additional days as needed. 

Heavy Equipment Storage 
In an effort to reduce the amount of disturbance from noise and fumes, we are moving overnight storage for heavy equipment to the east side of the site closer to I-25.

Upcoming Main Replacement Project
In a project unrelated to the work going on at Hillcrest, starting in late July, Denver Water contractor, Iron Woman, will begin replacing water mains that intersect Happy Canyon Road between South Eudora Way and ending at South Ivanhoe Lane. The work is part of Denver Water’s program to replace aging infrastructure, but because it will impact traffic in the area, we wanted to let you know it was coming.

Construction hours at Hillcrest site

We continue to work on Saturdays through the spring, with personnel arriving at 7 a.m. and equipment use beginning at 8 a.m. We do not anticipate working any Sundays for the foreseeable future. 

Weekday working hours remain 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Anticipated timeline

Pumping station replacement phase, 2018 through early 2020: Crews will replace the pumping equipment, which is outdated, and the pumping station's building.









Photos and renderings