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Plant of the Month: Shimmer evening primrose


Meet our Plant of the Month from Plant Select, a nonprofit collaboration of Colorado State University, Denver Botanic Gardens and professional horticulturists dedicated to promoting plants that thrive in the high plains and Rocky Mountain region.

  • Formal name: Oenothera fremontii Shimmer
  • About Shimmer: The Shimmer evening primrose has narrow, grassy silver foliage dotted with cheerful, large, lemon-yellow flowers that bloom profusely in late spring, then again in the summer and fall, scenting the evening air with fragrance. Likes sunny to partially sunny locations.
  • Benefits: A pollinator that attracts bees, sphinx moths and butterflies.
  • Hardiness: Can survive winter temperatures down to minus 30.
  • Water needs: Drought tolerant. Needs little to no extra water once established.
  • Find it: At your local garden center, look for the Plant Select logo to find this and other water-wise plants that fit naturally into Colorado’s climate.
Meet our water-wise Plant of the Month from Plant Select. Photo credit: Plant Select.
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