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Don’t fall off your watering routine

September may mark summer’s end, but outdoor water use still falls within the heavier watering season — and our smart-irrigation mindset should be far from dormant.

Our summer watering rules, which are in effect until Oct. 1, limit each week’s watering days to three. (And a good rain lets you skip a day.)

Not sure how much water your lawn needs? Use these times as a starting point to determine the number of minutes to water each zone on the days you water.

September watering times

  • Fixed spray heads: 11 minutes
  • Rotor heads: 23 minutes
  • Rotary nozzles: 28 minutes
  • Manual sprinklers: 17 minutes

As the days grow shorter, nighttime temperatures tend to decrease. Consider cooling down your watering routine with shorter sessions.

Stick to watering during the cooler times — lawn watering is not allowed between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.