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Garden In A Box Now on Sale

Resource Central offers professionally designed, low-water Garden In A Box kits that include plant care and plant-by-number instructions. Image credit: Resource Central.

Water-wise gardening for our climate

Colorado’s climate is naturally hot and dry — and using water-wise plants in our city’s landscapes reflects the natural diversity and beauty of the world around us.

While winter’s mountain snow builds our water supply, consider what steps you can take to use less water, especially outside, this summer. Among Denver Water residential customers, outdoor water use accounts for about 50% of water use, so planting a water-wise garden is one way to reduce your outdoor water footprint.

Garden In A Box kits are one source for water-smart plants. The kits go on sale during March and April at Resource Central, a nonprofit organization in Boulder. Denver Water sponsors the organization’s pickup locations in the metro area, so our customers have better access to these professionally designed, low-water gardens.

Why plant a low-water garden?

  • Easy water savings: Replacing just 100 square feet of lawn and hand-watering Garden In A Box’s water-smart plants can help you save more than 1,000 gallons of water the first year, and even more after three years.
  • Curb appeal: Resource Central’s starter plants (not seeds) quickly add a pop of natural color and beauty to your yard.
  • Attract local pollinators: The colorful gardens offer an attractive habitat for butterflies and bees.
  • No green thumb required: Garden In A Box includes a plant-by-numbers map and a guide to caring for the growing plants.
Order yours online before they’re gone.