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Garden In A Box, a water-smart way to garden in Colorado

Garden in a box
The Bees ’n’ Bloom garden. Photo credit: Resource Central.

You can beautify your landscape and become more water efficient — without hiring a professional landscaper or spending a lot of money.

And now is the time to look ahead. The waterwise Garden In A Box goes on sale during March and April at Resource Central.

The boxes contain professionally designed perennial gardens that are full of color as the plants bloom, similar to the garden pictured.

These do-it-yourself garden kits are designed for all gardening levels. Whether you want to redesign a portion of your yard, attract bees and butterflies, or simply increase your curb appeal, Garden In A Box makes Colorado-smart landscaping easy.

Resource Central is in Boulder, but as part of a partnership with Denver Water, you can select a pickup  location closer to Denver when you place your order.

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