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Keep up the good work!

We’re in the home stretch of this year’s summer watering season, with Denver Water’s annual summer watering rules ending Oct. 1. 

The rules are designed to help landscapes stay healthy in our semi-arid climate. Following the rules is the right thing to do and helps preserve reservoir levels. Denver Water worked with a group of water and landscape experts to determine that 12 gallons of water per square foot of landscape per year is a good goal for efficient outdoor water use.

In June, Denver Water began emailing more than 60,000 customers monthly, personalized water-use reports to help them understand how their individual water use during the outdoor watering season compares to the goal of 12 gallons per square foot of landscape per year.

For instance, a customer who has 3,000 square feet of landscape should aim for using 36,000 gallons of water per year outside their home, with more use expected in the hot summer months and less in the cooler months.

The emails included a chart that looked like this:

Water use efficiency chart

Didn’t get an email this summer? You can sign up to get it next summer by adding your email address under the Account Maintenance tab on