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Vegetable and Flower Gardens

Denver Water understands that many customers enjoy growing vegetables and annual flowers. If grown correctly, a vegetable Vegetable gardengarden and annual flowers can use water efficiently, consuming the same or less water than as a similar-sized plot of grass.

Does a vegetable or annual flower garden use more water than a lawn?

A healthy vegetable and annual flower garden can use less or about the same amount of water as a lawn does. If you replaced your lawn with a vegetable garden, and watered the garden efficiently by hand or with a drip system, you could see reduced water use if you are efficient.

What’s the best way to water a vegetable or annual flower garden?

Vegetables and flowers can grow in an efficient manner if they are irrigated properly. We suggest watering your garden by hand to ensure water goes only into the soil where the plant roots can use it. It is a good idea to check your soil moisture by using a small trowel prior to watering.

Does Denver Water limit the number of days I can water my vegetable or annual flower garden?

No. While we ask that you water your lawn no more than three times a week, we do not restrict the number of days you water your vegetable and flower garden. Vegetables don’t need more water than grass, but they need water deeper because they can have deeper roots.

Does Denver Water limit the time of day I can water my vegetable or flower garden?

No. We ask that you not water your lawn between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., when the daytime heat causes spray irrigation to evaporate. When vegetable and flower gardens are watered by hand or with drip systems evaporation isn’t as problematic. Still, cool mornings are the best time to water your vegetable garden. You’ll use less water, and the plants will be ready for a day in the sunshine.