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Water Use Rules and Regulations

Denver Water offers a variety of incentives to help customers conserve — rebates, efficiency contracts and tips on how to use less. Another method Denver Water uses to meet its conservation goals is to enforce watering rules designed to reduce water waste.

From May 1 to Oct. 1, customers must follow these rules: no watering between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., no watering during rain or strong winds and no watering sidewalks and streets, among other summer watering rules. Denver Water employs a group of Water Savers to educate customers about the annual watering rules and best practices in water efficiency. Water Savers patrol the streets looking to both educate customers who are not following the watering rules and reward customers who are using water wisely. If property owners continue to violate watering rules, they may be subject to fines.

There are exceptions, however, like watering for up to 21 days to establish plant material. Our operating rules detail the policy in full.

Colorado’s semi-arid climate means everyone needs to do their part to ensure adequate water supplies will be available well into the future. Thank you for continuing to use only what you need.