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Remodel Your Yard

Remodel your yardIt’s not easy to maintain a grass lawn in the Denver area, where landscape enthusiasts face weather that constantly fluctuates — when it’s not just plain dry.

Despite the region’s semi-arid status, Denver Water customers benefit from a water supply that starts as mountain snowmelt. It took a lot of foresight to establish this supply, and will take even more to maintain it.

This kind of future-minded thinking isn’t just for scientists, especially when it comes to planning new ways to use water more efficiently. Your contribution can be as simple as remodeling your yard.

Your yard could be a lot more interesting than grass alone. Even better, it could use less water.

Xeriscape Plans

Thinking about adding Xeriscape to your landscape? We've got a plan for that.
Residential Conservation Tip
Use less water with Denver Water's incentives and rebates