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Rebates & Efficiency Tips

Creating a culture of conservation and water efficiency in Denver dates back to 1936 when Denver Water advertised on street trolleys asking customers to help save water. The modes of transportation have changed, but the message remains the same as does our commitment to helping customers use this precious resource wisely.

Residential Rebates

We want to help you improve your property — and save water — by picking up part of the tab for a higher-efficiency model.


WaterSense is a national program that makes it easy to choose products that use less water without sacrificing quality or product performance.

Watering Your Lawn

By only giving your lawn what it needs, you can have a green, healthy lawn while cutting down on your water consumption.

Indoor Self-Audit

Indoor self-audits are easy to perform and will help you find ways to conserve water.
Residential Efficiency Tip
Do you know how much water you're using?
Residential Efficiency Tip
Compost can reduce outdoor watering by an estimated 25 percent.
Residential Efficiency Tip
Drips can turn into gallons; find and fix your leaks.
Residential Efficiency Tip
Are you taking these steps to save water and energy?
Residential Efficiency Tip
If grown correctly, a vegetable garden and annual flowers can use water efficiently.
Residential Efficiency Tip
To avoid wasting water outdoors, grass should be limited to areas that need to be useful lawn.
Residential Efficiency Tip
Use less water with Denver Water's incentives and rebates.