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Noncompliance Notification

If a Denver Water technician discovers problems with your property's meter pit or curb stop (the water shut-off valve near the street) during routine service and maintenance work, they will attempt to speak with you, or leave information about the noncompliance issue. Additionally, you will receive a letter in the mail detailing the problem.  

The door hanger and letter will identify the problem that was found. These problems may be a safety hazard, or may prevent Denver Water from reading or servicing the water meter or turning off the water to your house in an emergency. Some repairs may require immediate attention, while others may be recommendations. The letter notifying you of the noncompliance violation will provide detailed information. We require repairs when our service technicians cannot read or service the meter or shutoff valve. Required repairs must be made within 30 days.

Denver Water has a prequalified contractor list you can use to assist you in making these repairs.