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Denver Water’s bumper sticker: It’s All Connected

Denver's water system links Coloradans from the snow in the mountains to the trout in our streams.

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The next time you head for the hills to enjoy the great Colorado outdoors, take a look for your neighbors as you drive along I-70 — they’re easy to spot.

From Colorado’s moniker, “Colorful Colorado,” to a one-word proclamation, “Native,” Coloradans proudly post messages on their vehicles to show how grateful they are to live here.

We feel the same way!

We’re not only the water provider for one-quarter of the state’s population, we also are proud Coloradans who live here for the same reasons as our friends, family and neighbors. That’s what makes our jobs so great. We manage a water supply system that is connected to something much greater than drinking water.

The water you’re drinking today started out as a snowflake that you may have skied on, just like Laurna Kaatz, Denver Water’s climate scientist:

Or was once part of a river you fished in, like Dave Bennett, water resource manager at Denver Water:

... which is why our bumper sticker proudly proclaims, “It’s All Connected.”