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Father’s Day the water way

Check out this list of a few ways our favorite natural resource may be part of dear old dad’s special day.

Wooden boards backgroundWe have lots of fathers here at Denver Water, so as we look forward to Father’s Day this weekend, we started thinking about all the ways Dad might be interacting with water on Sunday. (Hey, we’re a water provider. What do you expect us to think about?!)

Consider this a random list of musings dedicated to Dad’s day in the spotlight and his enjoyment of water-related activities and items.

  • Fishing is the first thing that comes to mind. What’s more traditional than a dad going fishing with his kids on Father’s Day? But here’s a quick reminder: All the snow that fell in the mountains this winter and spring is now melting, raising water levels on many Colorado rivers and streams. Be sure to check before you hit your favorite fishing hole this weekend, and stay safe out there!
  • Golf can involve water, too, though it’s not nearly as enjoyable as fishing in it. If Dad mentions anything about water and his golf game, you should probably change the subject.
  • Perhaps you could change the subject to beer. Dad might appreciate that. After all, beer consists of up to 95 percent water, and most brewers find Denver’s water to be well-suited for home-brewing operations. Some guy even tried the beer diet. (Please research this further before suggesting it to your dad.)
  • How about watermelon? What’s a barbeque with Pops on his special day without the ultimate summer cookout treat? Did you know watermelon is 92 percent water and 6 percent sugar? There is even watermelon water now, complete with a superstar singer as an investor. You'll have to decide if dear old Dad is up to speed on any of that or not.

There are certainly other ways H2O might find its way into your father’s life this weekend. Feel free to share those water-related thoughts here. And Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. Enjoy your day, and if you’re like me and have kids who think they know everything, enjoy this video.