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Imagine there's no water

I wonder if you can …

The Value of Water Coalition calls for the public to Imagine a Day Without Water. Naturally, that got us imagining.

What if there was no coffee? Zzzzzz. What if we had to use milk to brush our teeth? Gross! What if we had to bathe ourselves like cats?!

Wait a minute.

As our veteran staffers brainstormed ways we might tell this story, something started to sound a bit too familiar.

After some research, we realized we were actually more than a decade early to this party.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure, we present the spectacular (and spectacularly underrated) Denver Water television advertising campaign of 2001.

Ad 1: Shower

Ad 2: Hydration

Ad 3: Lawn


The "Imagine A Day Without Water" national campaign includes all sorts of events, social media engagement and other creative ideas all over the country.

With that in mind, we decided to freshen up our own content with a remix of a 1971 classic.

And by we, I mean I. And by remix, I mean a rough parody. Enjoy.


We are called to "Imagine A Day Without Water" because, as the campaign website tells us, water is “essential, invaluable and needs investment.”

Back here at Denver Water, we tried to imagine a day without water.

First, we figured we might get the day off ... but then we'd spend the day worrying and obsessing about where the water went. It's what we do. After all, our 2001 campaign said it best – nothing replaces water.

May you never have to bathe yourself like a cat.