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Journey of Water: Home

Four-part series goes behind the scenes to explore the people and system that brings water to our homes.

I cannot imagine summer without water.

It’s so easy to take it for granted, but water is a part of everything we do. We flush our toilets with it, shower and clean with it, we play in it and make ice cubes, popsicles or lemonade with it.

This four-part series, “Journey of Water,” has traced water’s path from high-mountain snowflake down into Denver Water’s reservoirs, through its treatment plants and into the network of underground pipes. We’ve met some of the dedicated people who care for the water along the way.

In Chapter 4, we head home to see how water is a part of our everyday activities inside and outside our homes, and how it provides us all the ability to enjoy our lives.

Thank you for joining me for this journey. It is truly amazing to see the system from snowflake to tap and to know that more than 100 years ago, in 1918, Denver Water was established with the foresight and ingenuity to build infrastructure that sustains our growing city.

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