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Journey of Water: Treatment and distribution

Four-part series goes behind the scenes to explore the people and system that brings water to our homes.


In the third chapter of our “Journey of Water” series we've traveled from the mountains to the city. 

The water that started as a snowflake, melted into liquid form as it moved through the watershed into reservoirs and tumbled downstream, has crossed the boundary from nature to the manmade environment.

At three treatment plants, the water is treated to drinking water standards, tested and distributed through a network of underground pipes buried throughout the city. Maintaining those pipes are crews of hard-working employees with a focus on making sure the water makes it to your home.

If you are just joining our trip through Denver Water’s system, be sure to catch Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.

This four-part series follows water’s path from snowflake to tap. We meet some of the dedicated people who guide the water down to its path and into our homes.

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