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Many water utilities, one message

Across the nation, people are rising to the challenge presented by COVID-19.

You’ve seen the headlines.

Schools are improvising online and students are learning remotely. Theaters, hair salons, banks, gyms, restaurants and other businesses have closed their doors.

Many aspects of our lives have changed quickly, but many industries and professionals are working to ensure important aspects of society continue.

Truck drivers, emergency services and medical staff, grocery and restaurant employees and yes, utility workers, remain on the job.

From coast to coast, water utilities and government agencies have focused on key messages about water, such as  tap water is safe to drink and we’ll be there when you need us.

Here are just some of those tweets we've seen in recent days and, at the end of this story, one great message from Hugh Jackman:

Colorado's state health department thanked everyone for doing their part by jamming as many emojis as they could fit into Twitter’s 280-character limit.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock reminded us that we are all in this together. Cue the tissue.

Water agencies shared vital information on social media, including the safety of water and gentle nudges to only flush the three p’s (pee, poo and tp).

And Denver Water shared these tweets.

Other organizations are also doing their part to share information and give us all a lift when we need it.

And, at the end of the story as promised, here is Wolverine, aka: Hugh Jackman, with his now-viral quote to “Wash your hands, but don’t keep the tap running.”