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Purple pride goes beyond baseball

Celebrating our home team and the purple passion in our water system.

Thousands of Rockies fans will proudly don their purple, black, white and silver garb today, and our resident Instagram-famous #watergnome is doing the same.

And while he’ll be rootin’ for the Rockies, our gnome’s passion for purple extends far beyond the baseball diamond.

Purple is the color of the pipes, hydrants and sprinkler heads that move recycled water throughout our city. At Denver Water, purple reminds us that water use needs to be flexible, adaptable and thoughtful.

Do we need fresh drinking water for our every water need?

Our recycled water customers know better. So today, as we cheer the Rockies on Opening Day, let’s applaud our customers who use purple pipes to water their landscapes, power their cooling systems and even prepare for emergencies.

Can you guess who they are? Follow the gnome's journey in this slideshow:

Note: This slideshow may not work depending on the type and configuration of your Web browser. If that’s the case, click here to view it.