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Rock, paper, scissors, water, which will win?

Denver Water’s Captain Toilet Man faces off against the Running Toilet.
It's Denver Water's Captain Toilet Man vs. the Running Toilet in the age-old battle: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Water. Image credit: Denver Water.


We thought we’d seen it all.

We’d seen the Running Toilet punching humans, carving pumpkins, working out and even dancing.

But now Denver Water’s Running Toilet is facing off against our very own Captain Toilet Man (we’re not making this up) to help raise awareness about the importance of water in our daily lives.

It gets real in this battle of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Water between Denver Water's Captain Toilet Man and the Running Toilet. Photo credit: Denver Water.


For five years, leaders in the nation’s water industry and the Value of Water Campaign have paused to “Imagine a Day Without Water.” This year that day of reflection is Oct. 23.

The goal of the day is to raise awareness of what life would be like without water. Not just no water to drink, but no coffee, no showers, no beer, no agricultural crops. The list could go on forever.

It’s a serious topic, but also one that can be addressed with light-hearted humor.

This year, Denver Water experimented with a new game on Twitter. (Be sure to follow us @DenverWater.)

We named this new game “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Water” and asked our followers to vote for the winner.

We included a hint in our tweet, and by “hint” we mean “Hint: Water beats everything.”


We thought that would entice our followers to land in the winning column.

As the votes rolled in, most were for water. Yay, water!

A few followers, as of Monday morning, insisted rock would win (9%), while scissors had a following (4%), and a persistent few (2%) voted for the power of paper.

Denver Water introduced the Running Toilet to teach people about water efficiency as part of our decadelong “Use Only What You Need” campaign, which started in 2006.

The toilet suit, worn by many Denver Water employees over the years, has walked the streets of Denver during the annual holiday Parade of Lights, been in dozens of videos on a variety of subjects and thrilled children who (surprisingly) love having their picture taken with the toilet.

Needless to say, Running Toilets waste water and wasting water is something to be avoided. Because, well, water beats everything.

Watch the match for yourself, and — if the ending is any indication — stay tuned for a future sequel.