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Tales from the front (yard): Season Two

How a box of prepackaged plants made my low-water gardening project a cinch

Last summer I made some big changes to my front yard — without the benefit of a green thumb.

I pulled out some grass and created flower beds with low-water-use native plants. While the overall project wasn’t easy, choosing the right plants was. I chose a preplanned and prepackaged “Garden In A Box” from the Center for ReSource Conservation.

The box I selected provided eye-catching color, was easy to plant and helped me achieve my ultimate goal: to reduce the amount of treated drinking water I was mindlessly dumping onto my turf.

During the heat of August and September, my new plants flourished, and I only had to water them once a week. I had flowers well into November.

Spring is the perfect time of year to revitalize those gardens. If the thought of gardening fills you with anxiety or dread, let me ease your mind. If I can do this, so can you.

So grab a trowel, turn some soil and transform your lawn from a sea of unquenchable green to a palette of beauty and vitality.

Garden In A Box is on sale now. If you are a Denver Water customer, you can even receive a discount. Need some inspiration? Check out some of the low-maintenance, adaptable plants that won me admiring glances from my neighbors.

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