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This Valentine’s Day, grow a garden

It takes billions of gallons of water to produce the roses sold on Feb. 14. Why not try a more sustainable gift?
The Rocky Mountain Retreat garden is one of the gardens available through Resource Central.

Whether you receive a gift from a loved one, or are among the 12 percent of people who gift yourself, many of us are delighted to receive a sweet-smelling bouquet of flowers this Valentine’s Day. In fact, nearly 250 million roses are grown for the holiday each year.

Denver Water experts estimate that it takes about 1.5 billion gallons of water to grow 250 million roses. That’s enough water to serve 18,400 residential households for one year. Let’s face it, roses are beautiful, but they’re not the most water efficient way to show affection — and they typically wilt within a week.

The poet Rumi wrote that “love is the water of life.” Here are some ideas to express your love with water-wise gifts that last beyond first bloom:

  1. Garden In A Box

Coloradan’s love outdoor living spaces. From micro-urban farming, to Xeriscape oases — a beautiful landscape is a gift that lasts. We know firsthand how Garden In A Box can improve your outdoor living space long-term. So we’ve partnered with the  Resource Central to offer customers a $25 discount on select gardens while supplies last. Garden sales start March 1, but you can see this year’s collection online now and let your honey pick their favorite for Valentine’s Day.

Storing water in rain barrels like this 55-gallon Ivy model became legal in Colorado in August 2016.
  1. Rain Barrel

Rain barrels are a great way to save water.  Spend some quality time with your special someone and build your own rain barrel following our handy DIY guide, or pick one up (available at most at most box stores) for under $100.

  1. A new toilet

Yes, really! Last year, we made a compelling case for why a more efficient toilet is what she really wants for Valentine’s Day. If you switch out your old toilet with a qualifying WaterSense-labeled toilet, you can save as much as 80 percent more water with each flush. That’s more than enough to offset a bouquet of roses.

So this Valentine’s Day, try some life-giving (and water-saving) gifts that last. Your sweetheart may thank you for it.

Several Garden In A Box gardens add color to a Colorado home. Photo courtesy of Resource Central.