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Upon further review: Efficiency is still important

Denver Water goes to the videotape for old-school watering blunders.

We looked high. We looked low. We got funny looks when we looked in Capitol Hill. Three joggers nearly trampled us when we looked in Wash Park. The trendy kids in the Highlands barely noticed while we looked there.

We simply couldn't find too many people violating our watering rules.

In fact, Denver Water customers’ average daily water use from May 1 to July 15 was 24 percent lower than the average daily water use in the same period in 2000, which was a similarly hot and dry stretch. And, that does not account for the addition of 250,000 people in our service area since that time.

So, we had to dig deeper, into our vaults, and found a 1970s animated cartoon that was just what we needed. This “Water Follies (A Soak Opera)” relic depicts irrigation blunders of the past.

But let’s let our sportscasters review the tape:

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]

Fortunately, most of our customers know better than to water more than three days per week or irrigate while it’s raining or windy. And never during the heat of the day. Another tip: Use hose nozzles with shut-off valves to save this precious resource.

If, somehow, you spot someone in the Denver Water service area wasting water, please fill out this easy online form or call 303-893-2444 and we’ll work to notify the customer about the issue and provide them with educational information.