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Water Kept Safe

Celebrating Water Quality Month, from mountain to tap.
Aerial shot of a section of pipe in our system. Denver Water has more than 3,000 miles of pipe in its system, enough to stretch in a straight line from Los Angeles to New York.


How often do you use water before you head out the door in the morning?

We brush our teeth, brew a hot cup of joe, go to the bathroom, wash our hands and maybe take our vitamins with some fresh tap water. The reality is that we all need clean, reliable and safe water to live.

The water we enjoy daily starts as a snowflake, melts and moves into reservoirs. But before it gets to your home, the water is treated to drinking water standards at our three treatment plants, then tested and distributed via a network of underground pipes buried throughout the city.

To ensure you always receive the highest quality drinking water, each year we collect more than 35,000 samples and conduct nearly 70,000 water quality tests — more testing than is required by federal law — and our crews work 24/7 to maintain those underground pipes to make sure water makes it to your home.