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Water trailer mission: to surprise and delight

Denver Water volunteers welcomed by thirsty throngs at summer festivals.


Since 2008, Denver Water has been tapping into a 200-gallon, stainless steel water tank to hydrate customers and visitors alike at festivals and events throughout the metro area.

Denver Water employees volunteer for two- to three-hour shifts at each event to serve clean, clear and cold water to the masses.

Denver Water’s 200-gallon water trailer is ready and waiting for the thirsty bikers at Civic Center Park before the start of Bike to Work Day on June 27, 2018.

“It’s a surprise and delight for the people because it’s ice cold water on a really hot day, and it’s free,” said Kathie Dudas, Denver Water’s manager of brand and marketing whose team oversees the trailer.

Experienced festival-goers have been known to seek out Denver Water’s trailer and tents to enjoy some shade and a free fill of cold water on a hot day.

For the most part, interactions between customers and Denver Water are transactional, based on receiving and paying a monthly bill. The trailer is a chance for employees to make a new connection with customers and educate them about where their water comes from, Dudas said.

It’s also a chance for employees to meet the people they serve, tell them about their jobs and explore areas of the city they may not be familiar with.

“I like to volunteer for events and get out and talk to and engage with our customers,” said Lance Cloyd, a district facility manager for Denver Water.

Denver Water’s water trailer was debuted during the 2008 Democratic National Convention, when it was used to hydrate convention goers at various events, including one at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, pictured here.

Volunteers chat with trailer visitors about Denver’s water system and quality, the importance of major projects like the Gross Reservoir Expansion, and provide tips on how to save water. All while filling compostable cups and refilling water bottles to keep event-goers hydrated.

The refrigerated tank is outfitted with four taps on each side, each with a label tied to a reservoir in Denver Water’s system. The tank holds enough water to help quench the thirst of up to 10,000 people, weighing in at 9,800 pounds when full.

Every summer the trailer makes its appearance at about two dozen events around Denver, and has more requests for appearances than can be accommodated.

The most common questions heard at the trailer revolve around where the water comes from and how it’s treated to drinking water standards. Organizers stock the trailer with informational pieces and goodies, like stickers and lip balm branded with the Denver Water logo.

Volunteers also promote Denver Water’s news site, TAP, which showcases the important work Denver Water employees do 24/7/365 to ensure the Denver metro area has a reliable, safe drinking water supply today and in the future.