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Watering rules when we’re drought-free? You betcha.

5 things you should know about Denver Water’s summer watering rules.

Watering rules at Denver Water date back to at least 1922.

They’ve transcended droughts, wet periods, “normal” weather times, wars, a plethora of presidents, disco and three (!!!) Broncos Super Bowl championships.

And they continue this year, despite the glorious precipitation we’ve received thus far.

Denver and the Front Range has been very wet so far in 2021, but half of Denver Water's water supply comes from the Colorado River Basin on the West Slope, which remains mired in drought.

Taking care of the water we have is essential, as we never know how long the current conditions on the West Slope will last, or when the next dry stretch may hit.

Indeed, as we’ve seen in Colorado, droughts are as difficult to predict as wet stretches. At Denver Water, we have to prepare for both.

With that, here they are: five things you should know about the Denver Water's summer watering rules (from a grown man named Jimmy).

Contributing: Steve Snyder and Dave Gaylinn