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Welcoming the world to our watersheds

An international conference gave Denver Water a showcase for its commitment to healthy forests and watersheds.

Last week, the Biennial of the Americas celebration returned to Denver. Since 2010, the event has been bringing together thought, cultural and business leaders from North and South America to discuss economic issues such as trade, drug policy and energy. It also brings in world-class artists and musicians in an effort to emphasize the connections between business, art and culture.

This year’s event featured a focus on sustainability, and Denver Water was involved in several activities, including facilitating a tour of some of our watersheds. More than 48,000 acres of forest surrounding Denver Water reservoirs have been treated to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires through a partnership with the U.S. Forest Service Rocky Mountain Region called From Forests to Faucets.

Denver Water CEO Jim Lochhead and watershed scientist Christina Burri talk about why it was important for Denver Water to be involved in the Biennial of the Americas and how the tour represented a unique opportunity to discuss sustainability in our forests and watersheds: