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When it comes to nature in Waterton, who wins? Da Bears!

While we wait for the canyon to reopen, Da Superfans remind us to be mindful of the wildlife.  

Denver is headed to another loss this Sunday. Not on the football field, but with the seventh straight weekend without recreation in Waterton Canyon.

Fortunately, Broncos Sunday has helped lessen the blow over the past few weeks. But seriously, what’s with the delay?

With football on the mind, we’ve found some similarities to help describe the current situation.

Seeing a bear in the canyon isn’t new. In fact, one of the shelters in the canyon is aptly named “Black Bear Shelter.”

But, when there’s a bear cub tearing through the canyon like a linebacker on a blitz, it’s a game changer. Especially when you factor in that he’s under the watchful eye of his anxious mother.

And, as we know from the Campbell’s Chunky soup “Mama’s Boy” campaign, there is a special bond between a player and his mother that is best left undisturbed.

Rest assured, the canyon will reopen once the activity subsides. And we fully expect the gates to reopen before the bears of Waterton, and of Chicago, completely disappear for the season — which should happen sooner than later in both locations.

That’s why we’ve turned to an NFL Superfan duo — who know a thing or two about da bears — for some advice when encountering wildlife. And no, it doesn’t involve a selfie stick.