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Lead Reduction Program Plan Feedback

In summer 2019, Denver Water launched an education and outreach program to share information about a proposed Lead Reduction Program Plan. Denver Water is seeking your feedback on the plan.

The water delivered to homes and businesses in Denver is lead-free, but lead can get into water as it moves through lead-containing internal plumbing and service lines that are owned by the customer and are not part of Denver Water’s system. By March 2020, Denver Water is required to add orthophosphate to the drinking water it provides customers to help reduce the corrosivity of the water, which minimizes the risk of lead getting into household water from these sources.

The Lead Reduction Program Plan describes a proposed alternative to adding orthophosphate to the water system. Denver Water would like to pursue this holistic path to further reduce the potential for lead exposure in homes with lead service lines and lead plumbing.

Denver Water submitted the final proposed Lead Reduction Program Plan to the Environmental Protection Agency on Sept. 6. Input will be presented to the EPA and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to inform the decision-making process.

The official comment period ended Oct. 10; however, you can still provide feedback by reviewing the executive summary. Email comments to [email protected] or call 303-893-2444.

Executive Summary

Resumen Ejecutivo

If you prefer to submit comments in writing, please mail to:

Denver Water
Attn: Lead Reduction Program
1600 W. 12th Ave.
Denver, CO 80204

Thank you to all who provided feedback on the draft proposed Lead Reduction Program Plan earlier this summer. Responses provided insight into preferences on Lead Reduction Program components and benefits and were incorporated into the final proposal. A summary of feedback is below.

Public comment summary

Formulario de comentarios del público con respuestas

The full proposal submitted to the EPA on Sept. 6 is available below.