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Hooked into river stewardship

Two dozen Girl Scouts came to the South Platte River to learn about watersheds — and how to tie a good fly.

On May 11, two dozen girls from the Girl Scouts of Colorado gathered at Denver Water's Kassler Center at Waterton Canyon, on the southwest side of the metro area, to learn about watershed conservation and river stewardship.

Two dozen Girl Scouts recently learned about the importance of healthy watersheds during an event on the South Platte River near Denver Water’s Kassler Center at Waterton Canyon. The Kassler Center provides a unique opportunity for education events because it provides proximity to the river while having a classroom setting nearby. Photo credit: Colorado Trout Unlimited.


The event at Denver Water’s facility was done in partnership with the Girl Scouts of Colorado, Anadarko and Colorado Trout Unlimited.

Volunteers from Colorado Trout Unlimited led the girls in observing the activity and life that surrounds the South Platte River. The day included collecting flow data from the river itself, collecting samples of the macroinvertebrates (aka aquatic bugs) that live in and around the water, and learning to tie and cast artificial flies used in fly fishing.


Barbara Luneau, a regional vice president at Colorado Trout Unlimited, teaches Girl Scouts how to tie their own fly-fishing ties at Kassler Center at Waterton Canyon. Photo credit: Denver Water.


Colorado Trout Unlimited, a nonprofit founded in 1969, advocates for fish and the healthy rivers and watersheds they need to thrive.

The group has partnered with Denver Water on river restoration work, such as the rehabilitation of a one-mile stretch of the Fraser River in Grand County called Fraser Flats. It's also supported other projects, such as the removal of tons of sand and gravel put down during the winter to give drivers' traction on the snow that then washed into a diversion pond on the Fraser River.

Denver Water is a proud supporter of community events such as this, which educate young people in the importance of maintaining healthy watersheds that support fish and other aquatic life.

A Colorado Girl Scout ties a fishing fly after observing live aquatic bugs at the South Platte River earlier in the day. Photo credit: Denver Water.